Friday, 10 March 2017 {0+}


-- writing this in english is totally a struggle

5 days to go - SPM's result. As the clock keeps ticking, the hours are going by and the countdown for that scariest moment keep decreasing; i tried to remain calm but the nerves come out somehow and it is totally killing me in and out. Some people say, their struggles in studying for the past 11 years(?) or maybe 5 years(?) will be determined based on this result. I could say yes to that. And to be honest, somehow I think that 2016 was the year of fighting, the year of struggling and also the year with so many ups and downs. A lot of shit has happened - that made me realized and regreted for what I've done. 

But I felt grateful and thankful for having bestfriends that still remain by myside through that good and bad moments. We created memories and laughed as often as we can. Probably, It's the laughter that tastes sweet - a longing laughter. I'm stuck on that times thinking that I could stay there more longer with them but I realized, our ages increase. We have to explore the world more deeper. Responsibilities await us. 

- - - 

In the end, may Allah ease everything.

I tried my best and so did you. Keep praying as He listens to every single duas of ours. May Allah strengthens myself and you to accept what best for us and be grateful for everything we got. 

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they give up." -Thomas Edison

Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb.


السّلا م عليکم ورحمةالله وبرکة
Fadzilah Radzi. 8teen.
Gonna make a light in a dim tunnel. I just want to drown all my thoughts in a long and heavy slumber.